I’ve written lovely, long first-person tales of exotic adventures. And I’ve written short-n-snappy stories about things on my doorstep. I’ve also penned round-ups, how-tos and mini-guides galore. I’ve written about travel and running and adventures in general. Here are just a few examples.

A week scaling the heights of Mont Blanc – Wanderlust
“Have you ever been punched by a polar bear? Me neither. But stepping out onto my balcony in Chamonix had, I imagine, a similar impact: anvil-hard, ice cool, snow white, brutal – my first view of Mont Blanc…”

Walking in the Swiss Alps – in the footsteps of a package holiday pioneer The Guardian
“When did “package” become a dirty word? Once just shorthand for a tour bundling transport and lodging, these days it carries dingier connotations: high-rise hotels, beaches crammed with blistering bodies, lurid cocktails slurped from exposed belly buttons…”

Bath homeless city tours: “A primer, with extra guts” – The Telegraph
“Sod the tour, this is an unofficial stop. I’d like to show you something.” Alex halted by Bath’s last chunk of medieval city wall; his dog, Harley, rested on my toes…”

Sorrento farm stay: Mellow yellow – The Independent
“There were lemons everywhere – they drizzled salads, flavoured risottos, lurked in shot glasses; they decorated kitchen tiles, emblazoned tea towels and dangled from stalls among a blaze of oranges and hot-red chillies. But, best of all, they hung heavy and fragrant in the grove outside my window, citrus lanterns luminescing the green…”

Welsh Castles Relay – Runner’s World
“I’m undecided about running an Ultra. They’re just such a very long way. If only you could do one without having to do it ALL; keep the good bits (scale of challenge, sense of achievement) without the bad (pain). If only…”

Jackson Hole, Wyoming: Where the grizzlies roam free – Metro
“You never know, do you? I mean, it’€™s all well and good being told the rules you must obey in a bear encounter (chief of which is never, ever run) but until you’€™re there, you vs bear, you just don’t know if you’ll cut the mustard. Thrillingly –€“ terrifyingly –€“ on a hike amid the woods and granite peaks of Wyoming’€™s Grand Teton National Park, I had the chance to find out…”

You can also click on these links to see a wide range of my work for Wanderlust, The Independent and Metro.


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