Boston in a weekend

You could easily stay for weeks, exploring the various neighbourhoods: Downtown, home to the Freedom Trail historic route and tasty Chinatown; affluent Beacon Hill; the shopping mecca of Back Bay, which until 150 years ago was untamed swamp; Italian-flavoured North End; trendy, gay-friendly South End; Cambridge, across the Charles River. But chances are you’ll fall for it after only a day.

With the launch of Wow Air’s £99 flight, it was time to focus on Boston. So I wrote a Short Break guide for Wanderlust, trying to squeeze everything that’s cool about the place into just three days. My biggest big of advice? Stay longer.


Get thee to Thessaloniki!

Some say Thessaloniki is a city of fairytales; that it’s an old lady with pockets full of sweets, which she hands out in her own time…

Greece’s second city lacks obvious sights but managed to get under my skin, thanks to a lovely local lady pointing out the things I’d have missed, and the super-abundance of cafes and bars. In fact, I ended up liking it so much so that I managed to convince Wanderlust magazine that it was perfect fodder for a Short Break piece.

Bigging up Bath

Turn your back on Bath Abbey’s fancy façade, heading past the Roman Baths to veer left on to bustling Stall Street. Hang a right on Upper Borough Walls to see a remaining smidgen of Bath’s medieval fortifications, before heading northwards to comely Queen Square, its obelisk and boules court freshly restored in 2014.

Ah, lovely to get a commission to write about my home town. Writing a 48 Hours in Bath piece for the Independent meant being able to cram in some of my personal favourite places alongside the more touristy must-sees. More Bath commissions please!