Caribbean challenge

And, as always, stay smiling and live life to the full…

P1 COVER LD4 lowIt’s been a horrific time in the Caribbean. Hurricanes Irma and Maria have battered the region, leaving thousands homeless.

Producing the latest issue of ZiNG (the inflight magazine of Caribbean airline LIAT) at this time was tricky – and, of course, completely unimportant in the grand scheme of things. But we had to assess how we dealt with disaster – which hit right at the end of our production schedule. A few articles had to be tweaked, and the forward features plan rewritten, to make sure upcoming issues of the magazine can be as much help as possible to communities trying to rebuild.


Cover capers

Stay sunny, stay smiling and, as always, live life to the full!

Z32_250There are worse things to work on than a Caribbean inflight magazine. Each issue, you get to flick through pics of glorious beaches, commission stories about colourful carnivals and drool over tropical recipes. I particularly love the cover we came up with for the July/August issue, which screams ‘fun in the sun’!

The Caribbean, with extra ZiNG

It seems 2016 is off to a flying start – already there are many exciting things happening at LIAT and in the Caribbean as a whole…

ofc_z31…Not to mention exciting things happening at LIAT’s magazine!

Having been co-editor of ZiNG, the inflight magazine of Caribbean airline LIAT, for a year or so now, it was great fun to redesign the up-front newsy ‘LIME’ section for the latest issue. A few tweaks here and there, some new regular slots and a lovely fresh look (courtesy of ace designer Lisa Duke), and the magazine now starts with more of a bang – even given our limited budget.

Caribbean goes green

In the airline industry, more people travelling and more flights means more harmful emissions from aeroplanes on a daily basis. In this ‘Green Issue’ we share how we’ve been doing our bit, and a few tips on how you can help clean out the skies while at the same time making your life a little more ‘green’.

The April-June issue of ZiNG, the inflight magazine of LIAT, is now in a seat-back near you – if you’re lucky enough to be hopping about across the Caribbean. The editorial idea was to bring a bit of green to the airline – with features on lush Barbados, the best eco-resorts, St Kitts’ new Eco Garden, bird conservation and convening with Mother Earth by getting into yoga. A nice mix, with a Dwight Yorke interview thrown in for good measure. (Exclusive: the football superstar reveals getting in shape for Carnival is even tougher than a Manchester United training session!)