Cover capers

Stay sunny, stay smiling and, as always, live life to the full!

Z32_250There are worse things to work on than a Caribbean inflight magazine. Each issue, you get to flick through pics of glorious beaches, commission stories about colourful carnivals and drool over tropical recipes. I particularly love the cover we came up with for the July/August issue, which screams ‘fun in the sun’!

The Caribbean, with extra ZiNG

It seems 2016 is off to a flying start – already there are many exciting things happening at LIAT and in the Caribbean as a whole…

ofc_z31…Not to mention exciting things happening at LIAT’s magazine!

Having been co-editor of ZiNG, the inflight magazine of Caribbean airline LIAT, for a year or so now, it was great fun to redesign the up-front newsy ‘LIME’ section for the latest issue. A few tweaks here and there, some new regular slots and a lovely fresh look (courtesy of ace designer Lisa Duke), and the magazine now starts with more of a bang – even given our limited budget.

Caribbean goes green

In the airline industry, more people travelling and more flights means more harmful emissions from aeroplanes on a daily basis. In this ‘Green Issue’ we share how we’ve been doing our bit, and a few tips on how you can help clean out the skies while at the same time making your life a little more ‘green’.

The April-June issue of ZiNG, the inflight magazine of LIAT, is now in a seat-back near you – if you’re lucky enough to be hopping about across the Caribbean. The editorial idea was to bring a bit of green to the airline – with features on lush Barbados, the best eco-resorts, St Kitts’ new Eco Garden, bird conservation and convening with Mother Earth by getting into yoga. A nice mix, with a Dwight Yorke interview thrown in for good measure. (Exclusive: the football superstar reveals getting in shape for Carnival is even tougher than a Manchester United training session!)