Walking in air

Then it happens. Dave opens the throttle and I’m whooping with abandon. I can’t help it. And then we’re up, and I whoop louder. Yell and wheeze and holler and splutter, my euphoria battling the onrushing wind. We spend 10 minutes or so in the air (though it feels longer), Dave tossing me like a plaything over fields of golden rapeseed and rippling green…

BL_WINGWALKING_055The things you do to earn a buck. When an editor asked if I’d like to give wing walking a try, I felt I couldn’t really say no. I sort-of wanted to (you want me to stand ON TOP of a FLYING plane??!). But these opportunities are rare so I said yes and then tried to forget all about it until the moment I was strapped to a beautiful Boeing Stearman, propellor picking up speed just below my feet.

It was, in short, an amazing experience. And one that I was delighted to write about both for Boundless (the magazine of the Civil Service Motoring Association) and for the Telegraph. The only problem is, how do you follow that?

Image by Oliver Edwards


Best Loved West

As the wave hits, I spin and splutter. Fingers of freezing water sneak beneath my rubber armour. Blinking through the white-frothed blue, I see an even bigger swell bearing down, about to deliver another salty slap. Here it comes… Boooooooooooooooooof!

double-jump-768x467I love the West Country. I feel privileged to live in it. And would count walking around the edge of it (via the South West Coast Path) one of the best things I have ever done.

I also thoroughly enjoyed leaping off it, when I went coasteering along Dorset’s Jurassic Coast. So it was a delight to write about this wet-n-wild experience for the latest Best Loved Hotel and Travel Guide. If my words inspire one more person to don a wetsuit and fling themselves (safely) amid the wild waves and ancient rocks, it will be a job well done!

On track in Tasmania

I have just read your amazing feature in Wanderlust. It’s brilliant! I am thrilled and can’t wait to send it to everyone in Tassie. Thank you so much again. You have been magnificent.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 10.25.17Forgive me. Own trumpet blown. But this was the delightful message I received from Susie de Carteret at Tasmanian Odyssey, who supported my press trip to Oz earlier this year. One of the resultant features has now been published in Wanderlust, in which I was able to combine Tasmania’s new Three Capes Track with lashings of convict history. So satisfying that I was able to turn a terrific trip into a not-too-shabby feature!

Everything Easter

Raindrops on daffodils, whiskers on bunnies; bright copper-foiled chocolate and warm woollen mittens being ceremoniously shoved back in the drawer… these are a few of the many reasons to look forward to the Easter holidays…

ROSEBUD & MUM1Always nice to do a big, meaty round-up for the Telegraph. Especially one that involves bigging up the great British outdoors – from new lion encounters to kayaking over enormous aqueducts to strolling with llamas.