Time travelling

What the 13th century wayfaring folk of Wiltshire would make of this, heaven only knows. As I swayed, slightly seasickly, in Oculus Rift virtual reality goggles, staring into a 3D fantasy that responded to every swivel of my head, I wasn’t sure what I made of it. Was this the future of hotel entertainment? Was it what future travellers would demand? Was I about to fall over?

futurehotels4_460_3179883aAn interesting commission, this. A call from the Telegraph: how do you fancy a day-trip to Newport? The glamour! But, actually, lots of fun. I was off to Best Western’s annual hoteliers’ conference, to try out the gadgets in its ‘Inspiration Hotel’ display – its vision of the hotels of the future. I played with Li-Fi (the next big thing, apparently), Mi-Fi (umm…), 3D headsets (ridiculous!), language-translation wristbands (handy) and, er, a coffee machine that could remember if I took milk and sugar. My favourite? The smart table that enabled me to design my perfect burger!